Why choose us?

StrongBody promotes (1) the think-big-do-big style, (2) creative autonomy, and (3) meritorious faith.

As a multinational Health Ecosystem, with many years of international business experience, StrongBody always targets large markets. Personnel at StrongBody always need to be ambitious, thereby acting decisively for their goals.

StrongBody is also an environment that promotes autonomy – creativity of each employee. We believe that a good employee is a person who has self-control at work. In particular, the leadership team always encourages employees to assign tasks to their superiors to achieve the common goal at work.

Besides, when working in the health industry, with a mission to help each individual in the community stay healthy, we work with faith to benefit ourselves. We contribute to society and will receive the sweet fruit that we built.

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Benefits of joining


StrongBody always ensures full benefits in accordance with the laws of the host country.

Paid holidays

In addition to annual leave as prescribed by law, employees who have worked for 5 years will be entitled to an additional 1 day of leave per year.


Teambuilding activities, annual travel and on holidays: October 20, March 8, .. are organized based on employees' wishes.


Employees with a lot of dedication and commitment to the company for a long time can receive shares in the company


StrongBody has periodic training sessions, advanced courses to orient and upgrade its team.

Current position

Send an interview letter to email: strongbodyglobal@gmail.com

CEO of a member company


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Create your own career and move towards a sustainable healthy community!

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