Yêu cầu công việc

1. Suppliers control
– Sourcing new local/ global suppliers after receiving requests
– Liaise with requestor to understand clearly requirements
– Selecting & evaluating suppliers by considering price, quality, availability and other
– Negotiating contracts with suppliers and vendors to obtain the best deal on behalf of
the company
– Verifying purchases comparing them to the master list and recommending alternatives
for expensive or irrelevant products if possible
– Monitor and follow up delivery plan to fulfill requirements
– Processing the payment for completed orders
– Periodically review the pricing list and negotiate with suppliers, if require to ensure the
efficiently cost management.
– Periodically audit specific suppliers to ensure compliance to requested standard
– Make claim report and send to supplier if defect, shortage found due to supplier error.
Push to receive replacement soonest
– Control claim process from making claim report to supplier until receive replacement
– Monthly manage supplier performance to catch up company target.
2. Shipping control
– Handle customs clearance for import
– Complete administration tasks to authority
– Follow to ensure delivery time
– Refund if have
3. Others
Collaborate with other Departments to finalize the purchasing plan
– Envolve in building up the purchasing procedure
– Manage to achieve all related KPIs
– Make plan
– Make report daily, weekly, monthly, .. as required
– Other tasks as per requirement

Yêu cầu về ứng viên

– Bachelor’s degree in external economics, economics or a related field
– Required experience: 1 year in the field of Purchasing, import-export,…
– Have Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel & Powerpoint/ Canva … )
– Fluently in English or Chinese.
– High responsibility, creative in work, punctual
– Having ability to work under high pressure
– Good negotiation skills/ Well-communicate
– High level of teamwork skill
– Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
– Self-learning

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